Current events and news topics with Scholastic’s special coverage for kids.  The site also offers video highlights and a “News for Kids by Kids” section written by their own young reporters.

Ben's Guide

There are a lot of names and dates to memorize in order to ace a U.S. history test. Luckily, Ben’s Guide to the U.S. Government helps students study branches of government, law, the election process, and historical documents. With study guides and games, users can choose a level appropriate for their age group from “apprentice” to “master.”

Free Rice

Students can practice vocabulary, language, math, humanities, geography, science, chemistry and even SAT-prep. For each question they answer correctly, the World Food Programme donates 10 grains of rice.


Time for Kids

Time Magazine offers news articles about many topics, including the country, the world, animals and trends in schools. 

NASA Kids’ Club

National Aeronautics and Space Administration presents online games, images, and videos!

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic has created this fun site to learn and explore the wild, environment and many cultures around the globe.

It's Your World ...Explore It!

Motor City Archers has several levels of archery. Our Introductory classes offers a basic understanding of Recurve and Compound Bows. Because safety is our number 1 priority, participants will learn strong fundamental foundation techniques. This will ensure a lifelong love and journey in this timeless sport. We will provide all the necessary equipment for our classes.


ICivics allows kids to explore the fundamental concepts and responsibilities of representative democracy through games. Debate a political issue, be president for a day, or just cast your vote in an election online.